Account registration
Create your account clicking on "SIGN IN".

Write your credentials, an email will be sent to your account with your registration details.

Match creation/join
When do you need to create a new match, the match creator have to write the "match name" and click the "NEW" button, then he have to share this match name to all players that want to join on it.

Once have written the match name click the right green arrow to join on it, the players list will be shown

The green square next the player show that he is online, the red square, instead, show all players who are currently offline from match.

Click the red right arrow to logout from match

Screenshots upload

To avoid lag during game the screenshots upload will be performed manually clicking red up arrow (screenshot uploader).
Select the current match from list and click the green button.

NB: Cheat details are sent to server in real time, don't upload the screenshots is not a solution to hide detections.

Match details

Once the match is ended is possible view details (cheats detection and screenshots) from all players by clicking the gallery orange button.


Video Tutorial